Chances are that if you’re trying to make money from your business, you’re using some AdWords advertising. Pay per click (PPC) advertising can be time consuming and hard to get your head around, particularly if you’re writing all your ads yourself. There’s a lot of information out there on this subject and I’ve been asked by a few of my clients recently for a few pointers on how they can write ads that make people click.

Here are some of the things I’ve found have improved click through rates:

1. Write a good headline. I’m certainly not the only person to have noticed that good titles get good click rates. Whole textbooks have been written on the subject of headlines, but you don’t need to read them to know what works. Look at headlines you’re drawn to, and copy them. Good ideas for headlines include asking questions or offering advice in easy steps.

2. Tell a story. With so much PPC advertising around, clickable ads need to have something special. We all love a story. Tell us something that makes us want to get involved.

3. Promise them something. Another thing all good AdWords campaigns have is an offer to the person reading it. This can be achieved really simply, and needs to sound really active. Compare ‘this will change your life’ to ‘change your life.’ I know I’m more excited about the potential of the second promise.

4. Think like a Googler. One of the most helpful tips I’ve come across is to think like the people you’re writing for. If you’re searching for puppy food for your new bundle of fur, which PPC ad would be most attractive, the one to help your puppy grow strong and healthy or the one telling me it’s cheap? It can also help to try to stand out from the crowd with the way you word your title and your description.

5. Create trust. We all get drawn into PPC ads with crazy claims like ‘make $100 in 10 seconds’ but in the end trust is what you’re after. A quote from a celebrity, a magazine or other reliable source helps to create trust.

The above five rules are everything you should stick to when you want a solid campaign, but you really want to know the little things that count. Here are five more tiny tips…

6. The three magic dots. There are AdWords marketing executives who have found that adding ‘…’ at the end of your description can draw in more clicks. It works because it further draws customers into your story, just like it did above.

7. Numbers. People love numbers. Don’t you get more excited about ‘5 steps to web design’ than ‘Improve your web design’? I know I do.

8. Don’t repeat. This is something I’ve seen a lot of people do when they’re first writing their own AdWords. They use the title ‘Start Your Career Now’ and follow it up with ‘Start your career now’ in the description.

9. The ‘secret’ secret. I’ve come across a number of marketers who swear by the use of the word ‘secret’ in AdWords. It helps conversion rates as well as CTRs.

10. Capitalise. It’s such a tiny thing when you think about it, but having capitals in your site address can have a big impact on clicks. Perhaps it’s because looks a little more professional, friendly and reliable than, or perhaps it’s because caps catch the eye. Either way, it works.

These are just a handful of the AdWords tips you can use to make your PPC campaign click but I’d love to hear about yours. Help more people by leaving a comment…

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