Where’s the point in spending hours carefully crafting your email campaign just to have it marked as spam and delivered straight into someone’s junk folder?

Avoiding these 10 simple mistakes can mean the difference between your message being delivered to your intended recipient and it getting lost forever in their spam folder.

  1. Excessive punctuation such as multiple exclamation or question marks
  2. Symbols such as asterisks, pound and dollar signs
  3. Putting things in brackets such as (QUICK) and [UPDATED]
  4. Words with all capital letters
  5. Using RE: unless the email really is a response to a previous email
  6. A blank subject line
  7. Vague subject lines that attempt to trick the reader into opening your email such as check this out, personal information or RE:
  8. Including the words offers, free, prize and competition
  9. Misspellings such as ‘softawre’
  10. Long subject lines – keep them to between 30-50 characters

Tip: For a real insight into what gets caught in spam filters, look in your own junk filter occasionally to see what the real spammers are up to and make sure you don’t inadvertently copy any of their techniques.

If you want to make doubly sure that you’re not falling into any spam traps you can test your emails using the Spam Test feature available with many email marketing software packages.

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