Blog content ideasPeople often ask me ‘How do you keep coming up with content ideas for your blog?’ When the ideas are flowing, inspiration for each new blog post really does take care of itself. Everyone experiences blocks every now and then, including myself, and for those times I have a list of content ideas I can rely on that work time and time again. I just read through my list and it gives me the kickstart I need.

You might well ask, ‘How can you know this content will work for my blog?’ After all, blogs come in all shapes and sizes, concentrating on all types of content. A list of 10 ideas that suit everyone seems a bit far-fetched. When it comes to online content, though, there are certain ideas that work across the board. As for ‘Why 11?’, well…  sometimes top 10 lists can get a bit boring!

Here’s my list of 11 content ideas that will help get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Interview someone. Interviews provide interesting reading. Even better, they can strengthen your relationships online and attract links back to your site, which is great for SEO.
  2. How-to articles. These always prove popular, and the best thing is that they’re almost endless.
  3. Review the statistics. You may not realise it, but your readers are likely to be as interested in your industry’s statistics as you are. From online shopping to cancer research, people love statistics.
  4. Advice. People in all industries react well to good advice. You can couch it in a list of ‘top tips’ or explore each piece of advice separately.
  5. Review a book. You may have noticed that I will occasionally review books related to search engine optimisation, online marketing, web design and other related topics. This is only in part because I want to share valuable resources with everyone who reads my blog, although that’s also a major motivation. Reviewing books can provide some really attractive content.
  6. Personal anecdotes from your week. If you’re actively working in your industry, you probably come across all sorts of interesting situations. When I have one of those ‘lightbulb’ moments, I note it down for a later blog.
  7. Review online tools. Most industries have a wide variety of free tools, and it can be hard for the average internet user to pick out the ones that really work so show off your expertise in your area.
  8. Comment on the news. Every industry has its own news source, but not every industry receives enough comment. Tell your readers what you think about the latest developments.
  9. Top-10 resource lists. There are so many resources on the net, but your readers might not know about the ones you find handy.
  10. Answering questions. Industry forums are a great source of questions. Develop your own FAQ, and release it as a series.
  11. Define the ‘best of.’ Along with advice and general resources to use, internet users appreciate your opinion on things. Drawing up lists of what you consider to be the best on the net can really help your readers out.

Handy extra hint: Although these basic ideas are a really great tool to have in your blogging toolbox, it’s an even better idea, in SEO terms, to have a content schedule drawn up. I find that sitting down every so often and brainstorming a series of ideas based on keywords gives me a huge list of future topics. Having these ideas on hand ensures that even when my muse has gone for a wander, my site won’t suffer from lack of inspiration.

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