Lyz Cordon Website Designer

Lyz Cordon Website Designer

Hello I’m Lyz Cordon and I set up Diligent Design in November 2006 to provide high quality, affordable website design for small and medium sized businesses in the Yorkshire area. I’m passionate about what I do and champion best practice website design and build standards. This means you get a website that looks great, does what it should and converts your browsers into leads and customers.

I’ve been designing websites for a lot longer than the last three years though, my first one went live back in the late 90′s. Of course that website was a flat brochure-ware site and looked very different from sites I design today. Website design has progressed massively over the last decade – perhaps the most influential trend has been the web 2.0 movement with its glassy 3D styles and user generated content.

Developments in technology and programming languages also aid us website designers, we can produce far more sophisticated sites much more quickly, and so cheaply, than we did even five years ago. The last couple of years has seen the increasing use of technologies to improve user experience – you can now change variables on pages without the whole page refreshing so making everything much quicker and smoother.

Its typical with any new developments that the larger market leaders adopt them first (think Amazon and eBay) but as we become used to the way these sites work we come to expect the same from every website we visit – meeting these expectations becomes known as following best practices. When we try and use a site that hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, it’s very apparent; it doesn’t look quite right, things aren’t where we expect them to be and they’re usually slow and clunky.

For this reason it’s vital that you make sure your website is in line with these best practices or common user expectations, if not I guarantee your website is losing money!

Website Design Experience

If you’re interested in the specifics of my experience, I have a degree in Graphic Design and here are the details of some agencies I’ve worked at in Leeds and Manchester:

  • An Agency Called England (Head of New Media)
  • McCann Erickson Manchester (Digital Project Director)
  • SWAMP (Digital Account Director)
  • JDA (Interactive Communications Director)

I’ve also worked on the digital accounts of:

  • Sharp Electronics
  • GSK
  • Umbro
  • Best Western Hotels
  • ShopDirect
  • Magnet Kitchens
  • Durex
  • McAffee
  • FIFA

If you’re interested in finding out how I can help you bring your website up to scratch please get in touch via my contact page.

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