Worldview: A real-time map of your email campaign activity

DMAIL Worldview: A new way to meet your subscribers If you’ve sent any email campaigns from your DMAIL account recently you may have noticed a new feature in your reporting section – Worldview. Worldview allows you to get up close and personal with your subscribers. Use the interactive map to watch your email campaigns go [...]

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10 Ways To Avoid Subject Lines That Look Like Spam

Where’s the point in spending hours carefully crafting your email campaign just to have it marked as spam and delivered straight into someone’s junk folder? Avoiding these 10 simple mistakes can mean the difference between your message being delivered to your intended recipient and it getting lost forever in their spam folder.

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Social sharing meets email marketing

Spread your message even further and reach whole new groups of people with your email campaigns using Social Sharing. Adding a ‘Tweet’ or ‘Like’ button allows your subscribers to share your campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. The Social Sharing report includes who tweeted about your campaign, who liked it on Facebook and who forwarded your email on to friends. Basically, whenever anyone shares your campaign, it’ll show you who it was and how they did it. Find out more…

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The business owner’s guide to email marketing

With all the progress being made in online marketing techniques and hype surrounding social media, it seems we, as business owners have forgotten the power of email marketing. I often have to remind myself and my clients that email marketing is one of the best ways to get a direct, effective message to customers. If done well, an email marketing campaign can bring big returns…


Are you an unwitting spammer?

I don’t know about you but I’m sick to death of getting emails from ‘business development managers’ using the contact form on my website to spam me with requests to use their services. I even went to the trouble of outlining who the form was for and who it wasn’t – it clearly says: please don’t use this form if you’re trying to sell me your services I probably won’t respond. I thought that was pretty clear, although apparently not, so I’ll be updating that.


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