How to track your marketing campaign link traffic using Google Analytics

When you’ve invested in banner ads or other marketing tactics you oftern rely on the other party to supply you with impressions and click through rates. That’s great, but it’s often not enough to know that you’re getting traffic from a part of your campaign: you need to know what that traffic does on your [...]

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Using Google Analytics To Track Opens of PDFs On Your Website

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to track how many people click on the links in your website that lead to a document or file rather than another web page?

The difficulty of course with PDFs, Videos and Word Docs is that you can’t embed your Google Analytics (GA) tracking code in them. But there is a way to use GA to get these stats – you can also see where the person that viewed the file came from and whether they’ve been on your site before. How to track ‘reads’ of your files with Google Analytics:

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An introduction to Google Analytics

Just because there so many websites these days it doesn’t mean that creating and managing your own is easy. Plenty of people get it wrong, very wrong. In fact many of my existing clients have come to me with horror stories of paying thousands of pounds for websites that have never returned a single penny. They say things like ‘it just doesn’t work’. Well the first thing that’s useful in this situation is some facts and figures to look at, plus a definition of what exactly they think isn’t working. There’s only tool I recommend for this job and that’s Google Analytics.

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