Why are poor sites ranking above mine?

So what happens if you’re doing everything right, but you still see bad pages outranking yours? This situation can happen to the best of sites, and there are a number of reasons that it could be happening. There’s nothing more frustrating than undertaking extensive search engine optimisation (SEO) on a site, only to have your [...]

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Are you covering these blog highlights?

If you’ve got a blog up and running as part of your search engine optimisation campaign, you’ll know how valuable a marketing tool it is. Or do you? Use this list to check that you’re using your SEO blog to hit some, if not all, of your marketing goals. Blogging for SEO There are obvious [...]

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Bing creeping up on Yahoo in search

Recent comScore data has revealed that search engine Bing is slowly creeping up on competitor Yahoo. The search share figures for January 2012 show Bing ahead of its immediate competitor for the US market. This is a major change for the search industry, which has seen Yahoo as second-place holder for quite some time. The [...]

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The power of organic link building

You can’t be around the SEO world for long without hearing the word ‘organic’ being bandied about. Lots of optimisation companies talk about their ‘organic methods’ and some tell you they’ll get you ‘organic results’. While this talk may seem like so much hot air, with companies using a flashy word to get attention, organic [...]

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Canonicalisation: one tip that can save your SEO bacon

‘Canonicalisation’ is a term you’ll often hear bandied around the net. If you’re on top of your site’s search engine optimisation, chances are your on-site canonicalisation problems are sorted. But what about your off-site ones? What SEOs are usually referring to when they’re talking about canonicalisation is keeping URLs straight. Google guru Matt Cutts recently [...]

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Your competitors: your most valuable SEO resource

There are many things we may want to do to competitors, and they’re not a positive. Mostly, we want to beat them. Sometimes, we just want to catch up to them. At times, we may want to curse them. But guess what? There’s at least one time you’ll want to thank them, and it’s to [...]

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Improving your search engine listing: a step-by-step guide

Although it may not get as much attention as your web pages, your actual listing in the search engine results pages, i.e. how it appears, is important for your SEO. For every page that you optimise, it’s important to also optimise the title tags, description tags and other elements that are used for your listing. [...]

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Is your website’s construction holding back rankings?

It’s easy to see a problem when it’s right in front of you. It’s even relatively easy to see a problem when it hovers on the periphery of your vision. Yet what about the problems you can only see if you know they’re there? In search engine optimisation, sometimes it’s the things you can’t see [...]

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Get your ducks in a row for link building

Link building is hard enough. It requires a fair amount of preparation and planning. What if I said that the best way to give your link building campaign a good chance was to do some pre-preparation preparation? The idea of a second bout of preparation may seem a little overwhelming, but it’s exactly what your [...]

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Online copywriting: plan and prepare in 2 steps

Online content is an asset. It’s an easily perishable asset, but it’s an asset nonetheless. Whether it’s marketing copy for your sales pages, or a post on your business blog, the words on your website and the words you post around the internet serve multiple purposes. They take a fair amount of investment, and they [...]

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