Intel’s new venture: the tabtop

With demand greater than ever for their products, you’d think Intel would be feeling pretty cosy at the moment. If their latest product release is anything to go by though, it seems the shifting technologies have the computer design company running scared. So what is the sign of this fright? It’s the Intel Ultrabook, the [...]

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Are computers taking over human memory?

Have you ever wondered if people rely a little too much on internet connectivity? A new study may have the answer. The way we use the internet may be changing the way we use memory – not computer memory, but our own. A recent study has found that people may be relying on the net [...]

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Chromebook: Google’s own laptop

It’s been a long time, but it’s finally here – Google’s very own laptop. With the expansion Google has been undergoing in the last few years, it’s really no surprise that the world’s most influential Internet presence is now trying to wield a bit of influence off the net as well. Don’t worry though – [...]

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