What does your logo say about you?

Logo design may seem all about appearance, but online it’s actually equal parts practicality and psychology. Every element of your design will convey an internet marketing message to your customers, telling them about your business’ personality, reputation and aspirations. Here are some of the factors that count in your logo, and what your choices say [...]

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Why optimising images on your website can benefit SEO…

Image optimisation isn’t what immediately springs to mind when most business owners think of search engine optimisation, but it’s an important task – more important than many may think. Optimising your images can contribute a lot to your SEO, both in direct and indirect ways. Failing to optimise images can also hold you back. So [...]

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Websites taking a front seat in PR campaigns

Whether you’re announcing a wedding date or fronting up to a rival, these days you’re best advised to do it on the net. The internet has moved well beyond a system of communication into a world of its own, and the launch of a couple of local websites has highlighted the fact. There were two [...]

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Should you make your site mobile friendly?

If you’ve got a Smartphone, you should already know why it’s important for your business to have a mobile-friendly site. Like myself, you probably use it when on a train or just generally out and about. Now that Smartphones have made mobile internet access so easy, it’s a lot quicker than waiting until you get [...]

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The pros and cons of translating your website

We live in an international world. Even small online businesses find they will naturally acquire customers and enquiries from other parts of the globe. The potential for your online business to succeed in foreign markets is definitely there – but how do you access them? While English is spoken in many places in the world, [...]

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9 tips for website owners planning a website redesign

Here are my 9 top tips to getting the most from your website redesign… get a paper and pencil and set aside a couple of hours to follow these steps to get a new website that not only looks great but fulfills the needs of your business’ customers and prospects. Includes sample documents for you to download and use!

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3 common website redesign SEO mistakes to avoid

The danger of redesigning your website is that you lose any SEO advantage you’ve already built up. When you’ve spent time and money on a search optimisation campaign the last thing you want to do is throw all that investment down the drain when you launch your new site. Here are three mistakes I’ve seen made that have devastatingly resulted in just that happening…

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5 ways to make your business website more social

Most corporate websites are pretty boring, there’s not much incentive to return to them. However, by taking note of how consumer websites engage their customers, and by using some of their ideas, you can make your website more social – which comes with many benefits… …Here are five ways to make your website more social:

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10 freelance web designers in Leeds

Some time ago I wrote a white paper about how to choose the right web designer for your business in which I described the different types of website design companies you could use for a new website or re-design. If you’re an agency looking to outsource some work or a small/medium business with web expertise [...]


7 steps to a stickier website

There’s no doubt that SEO is a complicated topic – it’s a bewildering mix of art, science, and when it comes to second guessing the algorithms used by search engines, luck. You can research it for a year and still unearth new things you didn’t know about, and just as you get your head around one thing, the search engines add something new into the mix! Teflon frying panTo make life even more complicated, there are parts of search engine optimisation that it’s difficult to see at first. One of these is the importance of a sticky website. If your site isn’t sticky enough, you can say goodbye to good rankings. Unfortunately, many business sites are about as sticky as a Teflon-coated pan. First things first: what on earth is a ‘sticky’ website?

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