Link building is hard enough. It requires a fair amount of preparation and planning. What if I said that the best way to give your link building campaign a good chance was to do some pre-preparation preparation?

The idea of a second bout of preparation may seem a little overwhelming, but it’s exactly what your link building campaign needs. Before you start researching the links your competitors have, before you start building a list of your targets and acting like an internet private eye, you need to do a fair amount of housekeeping.

1. Remember that linkers look for likely linkees

Organic links are hard to win if your site isn’t particularly attractive. Therefore, the first thing to do is prepare your pages. This could be a simple case of tidying up. Go through your landing pages and clean up any errors, trying to avoid:

  • 404 error pages
  • broken links
  • clunky forms
  • ill-fitting content (i.e. content that doesn’t fit the keyword you’re linking for)
  • anything that doesn’t make you look spic, span and shiny.

Fitting content to keywords is an essential step that a lot of businesses overlook. This is a shame, because it’s what makes links so valuable. Google likes to see sites with a profile of highly-relevant links.

2. Prepare the technical support you need

Link building isn’t all about what’s on the screen. You have to be able to support your campaign technically as well. There are a number of technical supports you need to have set up, and they fall into roughly two categories.

The first has to do with what you need for the link campaign itself. Setting up email accounts for profiles you may need to open, providing backup space for your link databases, and getting your social media profiles organised and ready are all very simple steps that take up valuable time when you’re trying to link build. Getting these things organised beforehand can save a lot of stress (trust me on this).

The second category has to do with the site itself. It’s important to double-check that your servers and storage will be able to handle any extra traffic load caused by the inbound links. Some websites get by on the minimum and then, after launching into a major link campaign, crash from the extra traffic. This is obviously not what you want to happen, so it pays to review and upgrade if necessary.

3. Get your content assets lined up

The final thing to do before you begin on your link building campaign properly is to get your content assets organised. If you’re avoiding paid links, and opting for the organic approach, content and assets are what you have to offer other site owners.

What sort of content should you get ready? Well, there are a couple of types:

  • Content on your own pages. This content should be used to convince potential linkers of your site’s quality. Review your site, note your best pages, reshuffle content to landing pages if necessary, and add fresh content if needed.
  • Content ready to share. When you’re avoiding a financial transaction, content becomes currency. You need to have a few pieces ready to give away as guest posts or shareable articles. Also look into social media – if you don’t have social media accounts set up yet with which to share to followers, friends or interested parties, then view this as a first step

Once you’ve gone through the steps and tidied everything away, it’s finally time to begin link building. Go get ‘em, and good luck.

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