…And not before time. It’s a huge relief to me to finally get a website live that I’m proud of and actually reflects me and my business – thank you to all of you who have already sent me your positive feedback :)

I started out my business in late 2006 with a single web page, I eventually built it up to six pages but it never grew beyond that. And there was the problem that it didn’t adhere to most of the best practices I was implementing on my clients’ sites. I changed the design a few months ago to something that worked much better (technically) and adhered to my list of best practice guidelines but I just didn’t like how it looked. You may have seen it, beige, dull, lots of copy, no pictures… you catch my drift.

Apart from the ‘beigeness’ of it, my main bug bear was that if an alien ended up on my home page they’d have a hard time deciphering what it as about. Now I know this sounds a bit odd as I’m not trying to attract aliens as clients but my point is that you’d have to read all the copy to make sure you were on the right website. From a usability point of view that’s just plain wrong. Imagine for a moment that you’ve typed ‘web designer’ into a search engine -think about what you’d expect to find when you clicked on the link.

Exactly, a well designed, well though out web site with some images of web site designs. Hence my problem. I’m pleased to say that I now have images of my web site designs on the home page and the site does look like it belongs to a designer. It still has plenty of stuff to read and click but strictly no beige!

But there’s a serious message here – it’s important that your website accurately portrays what you or your business does. From your customers’ point of view it’s vital that it conveys what you do the minute they land there so they don’t even have to think “what does this person/business do”. If they have to think at all, they’ll likely just think to hit the back button!

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