Online Web CopywriterThere are a lot of technical things you could do for yourself, but would you really want to and are you the best person for the job? These are questions I often ask myself when faced with something I’m not familiar with. For a lot of site owners, web content is an area that seems easy enough to do for yourself although as any internet reader can usually testify, there are plenty of site owners who should consult professionals!

Every website needs copy. You’re not going to get very far with search engines, internet users and other businesses if your site is all glitter and no substance. In fact, your site needs a constant supply of online content if you’re at all interested in search engine optimisation, as the search engines tend to boost sites that have regularly updated, quality content.

Not too long ago, I set out my top three reasons to hire a professional web designer. The case is just as strong for professional copywriters, and the reasons are many. Here are my top five:

1. Specialist skills

Online writing is very different to regular writing. Have you ever come across a site that seems too wordy, full of huge chunks of text or just not enough to fill the page?

Learning the needs of online reading takes time, and for most site owners too many mistakes are made along the way.

2. Marketing

It may seem strange to mention marketing in a post about copywriting, but any copywriter worth their salt has a hefty slug of marketing writing experience under their belt. Your content should help put customers on the path to conversions. A copywriter’s job is to get your business message through, and that includes your marketing message.

Good online copywriting should help boost profits.

3. SEO

Search engine optimisation is a concern for most site owners these days, as it should be if you want to get anywhere with the search engines. Any good online copywriter will have experience writing with SEO in mind.

The hassle of working in keywords naturally without ‘stuffing’ them in, writing to specific guidelines and working to deadlines comes with the job.

4. Quality

For real quality content, you should be checking and re-checking your blog posts for spelling and grammar errors, drawing up comprehensive content schedules and plotting out your keywords. No online business has time for that, but it’s a professional online copywriter’s job.

5. Convenience

Whenever sourcing an outside service such as copywriting, you should be asking, ‘What is it going to do for me?’ The ultimate answer should be ‘Make my life easier.’ After web design, online content is the most important aspect of your site.

Hiring a professional online copywriter takes a huge chunk of work off your shoulders.

Stringing words together for your site might not seem like a big deal, but before you decide to do a DIY job, ask yourself:

  • Do you know enough about writing for the web to delivery information succinctly?
  • Do you have the skills and the time to research your industry and audience to produce quality content?
  • Is your spelling and grammar up to a professional level?
  • Do you have time to write, proofread, edit and format?
  • Do you have the writing skills to subtly weave marketing messages into your content?
  • Are your skills sufficient to cover the SEO requirements without making your message read unnaturally?

Writing might seem like something anyone can do, but content is how you communicate on the web with both search engines and users. If your skill or schedule prevents you from developing quality content for your site, your business will suffer.

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