There are a few pages on any website that are standard. Every good business has an ‘about us’ page and ‘contact us’ page at the very least. When you add to this the standard FAQ pages, pricing pages, disclaimers and other standard pages, you end up with quite a lengthy list of pages that tend to be overlooked, content-wise.

Site owners overlook these pages for the same reason we tend to overlook office furniture – both are there to serve a purpose, and both tend to be a bit too bland for notice. Any good search engine optimisation plan will take a look at these pages, and fill them with juicy content:

  • Your ‘about us’ page – or pages. When you’re struggling for quality content that’s relevant to your business, it’s a bit of a shame to limit your ‘about us’ page to a single page. If you’re operating a medium-to-large sized company, you have the opportunity to talk about your senior staff in your ‘about us’ pages. Use this opportunity to talk about the skills of your team, link your business more firmly to your keywords, and enjoy the bonus of allowing your customers to get to know you better.
  • Contact pages. Yet another under-utilised page is the contact page. Some companies even combine an ‘about us’ with their contact details. This can be a waste of an opportunity – your contact pages are a good way to establish your real-world bona fides, something which Google is keen on at the moment. Your address can get you into local listings, where the pool of competition is smaller.
  • FAQ pages. These can be an absolute gold mine in terms of highly-relevant content. The search engines are constantly looking for clues to show that your business is what it claims to be. In thoroughly answering your customers’ most frequently asked questions, you not only satisfy them, but also serve your SEO plan as well.

And one last one to look at…

  • Your videos. Lots of sites are featuring regular video content posts, which is a smart idea. Video content has risen in popularity over the last few years, and there’s a good chance of getting coverage on YouTube or even featuring in Google’s video results if your video is an interesting one. But why stop there? You’ve spent time and effort in designing your video content, so write it all down and use it!

Why make use of these pages?

It is worth noting why these pages are important. There was a time when an SEO plan would concentrate on only a few pages. That time is long past – most optimisation companies adopt an holistic approach to search engine optimisation, with the belief that numerous factors across a site are taken into account in calculating a single page’s ranking. This idea has been supported recently in everything Google’s webmasters have let slip about the recent Farmer Update.

Every page of your website is an opportunity to convince the search engines of your site’s quality and relevance. In leaving several pages essentially content-free, you’re leaving gaps that Google or Bing could interpret wrongly. Even worse, you’re letting valuable site resources sit unused. Considering the small amount of effort it takes to spruce such pages up, leaving them be is a less than smart move.

Your webpages are your SEO assets. Use every one of them.

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