How to Get Results with Budget SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) uses a variety of techniques to increase your website’s position in the search engine ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ listings (the non-paid for listings you see in the middle of the results pages). By using a combination of technical methods and optimised copy-writing, you can increase your website’s natural position in the search engines and save money on paid advertising.

The higher your ranking on Google, the more traffic you get, the greater the conversion rate of that traffic and the more money you make. That’s why it’s so important for you to feature on page one of the results, the percentage of searchers who go beyond page two is minuscule. How often do you yourself go beyond page two, you’re much more likely to try a different search term.

There are two parts to SEO; on-page and off page. On-page is the things you actually do to your web pages for example, writing optimised copy and page titles and off-page is the things you do away from your site for example, link building and article marketing. Both of these can be costly if you approach a specialist SEO company and whilst they will get you good results, it is a leap of faith and as a small business you probably want to start off investing a small amount of money and increase it as you see the seo activity begin to impact your bottom line.

There are ways to do budget SEO, you just need to know what methods are going to give you the biggest ‘bang for your buck’! You can do effective seo from £295 per month, this won’t secure you a position on page one of Google next month but it will start to raise your profile and drive more new traffic to your site, which is what you need.

Any SEO activity takes time to produce results, it can be as long as six to twelve months but in my experience you can start to see results in as little as 4-6 weeks. It depends entirely on how competitive your online market place is. A word to the wise though, run away from any company that guarantees you a number one spot on Google – there are no guarantees. It takes consistent work and a good deal of skill to reach page one and there are no quick fixes – well none that Google considers ethical anyway. If Google suspects you of ‘cheating’ (known as black hat seo) then it will penalise you and you risk damaging your domain name irretrievably.

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