A Successful Website Doesn’t Stop at a Great Design

There’s an art to writing, particularly seo copywriting which is content written specifically for an online audience that also attracts the search engines. You’ve probably read web sites that have clearly been written for search engines at the expense of real people because they’re crammed full of search terms that don’t actually make that much sense to you when you read it. Perhaps to the extent that you click away to another site – I know I’ve done it.

So what’s the difference between writing the copy yourself and hiring a professional? Expert online copy writers can create content which is optimised for the search engines, targeted to your online audience and persuasive enough to convert your visitors into customers. It’s not enough to cobble something together and hope for the best.

A professional writer can write with authority about any subject, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that only you know enough about the subject,  if you have to write all the words for your website, the chances are you’re website will never go live – you’ve got a company to run!

Your online audience is looking for information, usually a solution to a problem but is very resistant to being overtly sold to. Traditional hard-sell sales tactics don’t translate well to your website – you need to be far more subtle and it’s a tricky balance to get right, after-all you’re still a business and at the end of that day you’re there to make a profit!

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