Need A New Web Site Designer?

Deciding you’d like a new website is the easy bit – actually getting started can be daunting. You’re probably thinking who do you choose to design it, how much will it cost, how long will it take, will it be better than the one you’ve got, will it do everything you want it to even though you don’t know all those things right now?

These are all good questions and the best place to start is by asking your friends who did their web site and can they recommend a web site designer to you? Failing that, research some web sites you like, find out who designed those and look at the designer’s portfolio of web sites to make sure they’ve got experience with companies like yours.

Most importantly make sure you talk to a few web site designers on the phone and arrange to meet them – make sure you’re confident about working with them and that they understand your business and your requirements, both now and ongoing.

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