Measure your email campaign effectiveness beyond opens and clicks to track conversions, sales and ROI…

So you’re interested in tracking your email campaigns.

What you’re looking for is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, set of reports that allow you to accurately measure the effectiveness of every campaign you send. But you want to delve deeper than just the ordinary opens and link clicks to measure your campaign related sales, conversions and ROI.

campaign report snapshot pie chart

How fantastic would it be if you could find out this stuff too?

  • Track sales and conversions: automatically tag links within your emails so you can track your sales and conversions through Google Analytics
  • Spot trends: at the click of a button compare opens, clicks and more across multiple campaigns making trend spotting a cinch
  • Discover what content is most interesting: monitor which links are most clicked to learn what your subscribers are most interested in
  • See subscriber level interaction: zoom down to subscriber level to see a timeline of what an individual did with your email and also across their lifetime history of interaction with every campaign you’ve sent them
  • Monitor viral activity: add a ‘forward to a friend’ link to your emails to find out which subscribers thought your email content was interesting enough to pass on.

…And to make your life even easier, what if you could:

  • See what’s happening: real-time reporting to see how your subscribers are interacting with your email campaign from the minute you send it
  • Carry out in-depth analysis: export report charts to PDF or the raw data to Excel for further analysis
  • Get unsubscribes deleted automatically: removed from your lists so you don’t accidentally send to them again – without you lifting a finger
  • Have bounces handled for you: all types of bounces automatically monitored to see if they should be tried again or removed from your list.

How about if your reports looked this good?

…And were this easy to use?

How can you start tracking your email marketing to get a return on your investment?

To access all these reports and features you need to deliver your campaigns using some email marketing software. These reports and features are all part of DMAIL – a very affordable, super easy to use web-based email delivery system.

You have your own account where you login to access all your reports, but more than that it allows you to create your campaigns too. You have a professionally designed, bespoke to you, e-newsletter and e-announcement template (useful for when you want to send out a quick memo) within your account which you use every time you want to send a campaign. Just select the template you want to use and add your content. Then import your subscriber list and deliver the campaign. As soon as you hit send, you can go to your reporting area and watch the results come in live! It’s no more complicated than that.

“I can recommend the DMAIL system – we have used it as part of our marketing campaigns as an extra channel of communication for reaching our customer base. Compared with direct mail it is a low-cost method, with a much higher ROI and the feedback and quality of data that you can obtain is first class.

The software itself is very quick and easy to use – the template system for drafting emails saves us a lot of time and the reporting gives us real-time feedback about exactly what effect our marketing activities are having. The split testing delivery function has helped us to maximise our open rates with as much as 33% success on recent campaigns and a click through rate in excess of 40%. It has proved to be an excellent way of supporting our on-line marketing efforts and has directly contributed to the higher levels of traffic that we have generated for our company website.”

Andy Smith, Marketing Manager at National Flexible

To get started costs just £395, this includes a bespoke design for an e-newsletter and an e-announcement template plus set up and integration into your account. Basically everything you need to get cracking. You should make that back in no time once you’re tracking and analysing your email campaigns.

The only ongoing cost is for use of the software itself but you only pay when you send a campaign – there’s no monthly fees to just have your account sitting there doing nothing. Each campaign costs just £45 plus £0.015 per recipient, you pay that within the software via credit or debit card at the point you want to deliver your campaign. DMAIL is sophisticated enough to work out how many recipients are in your lists so no tedious calculations required on your part!

Take the first step to tracking your email marketing campaigns…

The quickest and cheapest way to get started is by ordering online, simply click the buy now button to go to PayPal where your transaction will be handled safely and securely. Once you’ve completed that, click the return to Diligent Design button and you’ll land on the Email Design Brief Form, simple fill that in and within 48 hours you’ll have the first draft design in your inbox.

If you prefer not to pay online, then please contact me directly. This will cost you more (£525 for the same start-up bundle) but the ongoing campaign delivery costs are exactly the same as if you’d bought online.

I’m happy to answer all your questions so if there’s something I haven’t covered off here that you want to know please get in touch.

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