Whether you’re announcing a wedding date or fronting up to a rival, these days you’re best advised to do it on the net. The internet has moved well beyond a system of communication into a world of its own, and the launch of a couple of local websites has highlighted the fact.

There were two UK launches that put this in the spotlight recently, with a website for the upcoming Royal Wedding launched on March 2 and London Mayor Boris Johnson opening up political issues for a year-distant mayoral race with another site.

The Royal Wedding site, which acts as a hub for the official information emerging about the upcoming marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, is an interesting achievement in web design. The site manages to take blend official information, such as videos from the Royal Mint about the commemorative coin design, with a personal feel, as befitting what is essentially an engagement website.

Johnson’s anti-Ken Livingstone site, on the other hand, conforms to what you’d expect from an overtly political site, taking some tips from journal-style website design but keeping the navigation and text simple.

Both sites are testament to the fact that if it’s happening, it’s happening on the internet. It’s no longer good enough for a company to prepare a press release and launch it into the ether. To accompany any major event, it is essential that business entities are prepared on their home ground in their web design and search engine optimisation, with dedicated pages and a solid approach to the issues that may arise.

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